The Challenge

Effective content marketing is vital for the success of online retailers in terms of engagement, customer loyalty and revenue. Providing relevant, interesting content to visitors day-after-day is not a simple task. For marketing teams, managing the content creation process can be complex and time-consuming.

Our Approach

Bllush simplifies the process of creating content through data-driven suggestions, content sourcing and auto-tagging. Content published via Bllush is personalized for every retailer and optimized for engagement. This allows retailers to turn content production into a repeatable and proven business process. Bllush’s platform helps marketing teams scale their content output without increasing their headcount.

Why Our Customers Love Us

High Quality Influencer Content

We believe engaging content is the best way to captivate customers. Our solution curates the highest quality visual UGC and matches it with the products that are already on your website.

Shoppable Content

The point where discovery and purchase meet is magic. Provided UGC that features your products and makes them available for direct purchase.

Performance Tracking

Evaluating content should never be objective. We hand you the tools to quickly and effectively monitor content performance so your decisions are backed with data.

Want to improve your user experience with content?

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