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Made For Fashion

As a fashion, apparel, shoe or accessory retailer, you're constantly looking for innovative methods to improve the user experience for your shoppers and stay ahead of the competition. Bllush's Trend Detection and Influencer Curation technologies are fine-tuned for working with fashion content. Let Bllush help in generating personalized content for your store.


Rich, Inspiring Images

Your brand is everything. We understand that and are dedicated to providing the highest quality images available. We work with the leading fashion micro-influencers from social media to find you the most relevant content.

Shoppable Content

The point where discovery and purchase meet is magic. All content generated by Bllush is matched to similar apparel products sold on your store. This helps to provide an amazing customer experience while driving traffic to your product and allowing users to “shop the look”.

Fashion Trend Detection

We focus on finding content that is relevant for your store. Our Trend Detection technology scans your product catalog and learns what relevant content is trending. This allows us to generate truly unique content for your store.

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