How we see the world

The online retail landscape has changed dramatically over the years. It’s now easier than ever for users to search, find, and purchase any product they desire. Furthermore, every product is available from a dozen different stores. Retailers need to adapt to the never-stopping landscape in order to survive.

When researching what are the top 1% of retailers doing that the rest aren’t we see a few interesting insights. The top retailers in the world understand that simply supplying products isn’t enough. Building a large retail brand is about storytelling and discovery. Users need various ways to find and explore products sold. It’s the retailer’s obligation to provide value to their users on an intimate level.

That’s where Bllush comes in. Our goal is to arm retailers with world-class content to keep inspiring their users day after day. We’re introducing a new set of content generation tools not previously available. We’re helping retailers make data-driven decisions on which content to publish to their users. By providing relevant content to each individual user, we allow them to make a better buying decision. This results in happier customers and better business success.